What is aptedia?

APTEDIA is web holding project created by Sébastien LANDRIEU, ex wix.com team member. APTEDIA actually counts 10 projects mainly pure players including one that is an artificial psyche.

The group will operate in:
IT investment
Offshore outsourced digital production
Market analysis for web startups
Litterary edition
Artificial Intelligence


The APTEDIA group has been created with one and only goal: become an actor of a positive societal change.

APTEDIA's projects been created during 4 years while its CEO, Sébastien LANDRIEU was a home office webmaster caring about his three baby kids. Having no choice to change his mind but to work on several projects, all started with one project, 2, 3 and now ten mainly pure players.

Good at UI, UX, bizdev, system architecture but not developper Sébastien LANDRIEU created all of his projects front and back end interfaces with the idea to get associate with some developpers but having dropped out from school at age 14, he used to doubt about his skills for a real long time...He says that it's like a fat person who loses weight and always sees her/him fat in the mirror...It was th same for education and probably something totally self made people used to live...So yeah, it took time to find people while being kind of a genuine no life working 15/7/365...And it's the reason why Sébastien LANDRIEU asked a hand to all of the french fortune 500 for a 3M€ pre-seed funding...

Paper Rabbit

...What didn't work at all...He received 500x funding kicks from fortune 500 as he first of all wanted to present himself as human but a potential cash machine only...Fortunes didn't have any details about APTEDIA's projects but fields and financial potential/projections. Sébastien LANDRIEU Simply asked for an interview to deepen his approach but none of the fortunes accepted…

Sébastien rmainly received non-answers, negative answers, encouragement letters as well as admiration letters in regard of his personnal background but no one accepted to listen or finance him...Here came the idea of Paper Rabbit that is a 6.8 feet paper mache statue made out of all the fortune 500 mail delivery notification documents and the help of 8 French artisans.

Paper Rabbit entrepreneurial symbolism is tenacity, optimism, resilence, dream, passion, ambition, audacity, creativity, craziness, unconsciousness and magic which are one and every entrepreneur core values.

More about the story and pictures HERE Auction website HERE

Neuralize artificial personnalities

NEURALIZE is an artificial psyche project that started with the statement artificial intelligence actually doesn't exist.Instead of dealing with AI, we care about AP with P standing for personnality and believe that biological intelligence doesn't come from performance but from one's abilities to adapt his/itself to an heterogeneous environment. NEURALIZE is what we call a Crowd Sourced Emotional Processor

New Givers foundation project

The New Givers foundation project stands to make fortunes give to entrepreneurs contractually engaged in making the world a better place their turn. It's better to see an army of good makers and future donors but just a few of them.

The actual world makes people fall in kind of a mechanical Carpe Diem as they're more and more afraid, exhausted, lost and Carpe Diem doesn't saves but kills when run mechanically by masses...It makes people blind, unable to project themselves in the future and evaluate the impact of their present actions...It's like a drug a psy could give you to see "la vie en rose" but if you do not work on yourself, it's vain...You can stay drugged a whole life...It's what's happening actually with a large part of the population...We're all drugged...And try to get a seringe out of junkies hands…

A large part of the APTEDIA group resources will be used to fuel the New Givers www.newgivers.com

Contact / Press / Story

E-mail: s.landrieu@aptedia.com

Skype: sebastien.landrieu

Phone: +33(0)6 11 96 04 93

Address : 19 boulevard de la Mothe 54000 Nancy, France


Paper Rabbit HD pictures HERE

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