The APTEDIA group will be launched in february 2018, please register your e-mail to be informed.

Here’s how we’ll launch : http://bit.ly/2w7pG4Z

Who are we?

The APTEDIA group will soon be launched and will operate in e-commerce, e-learning, IT investment, productivity, market research for SAAS start-ups, offshore digital production, literary edition and artificial intelligence. Group turnover hope is set to 1.56B€ in more or less 3 years.

How do we plan to launch? See the story here : http://bit.ly/2w7pG4Z

If you need details about the group and its projects, please ask s.landrieu@aptedia.com

Contact Aptedia

+33(0)6 11 96 04 93
19 Boulevard de la Mothe 54000 Nancy, France